my fist. your face. (feliciahatesyou) wrote,
my fist. your face.

Yesterday at work a really sweet dad brought his son Matthew in to re-take the driving test. The 15 year old boy passed and the dad went through with the go-kart membership. While Matthew was a few feet away holding and watching his baby brother, the dad mentioned to me he was so happy that Matthew passed since there aren't a lot of things he can do anymore since he has brain cancer. Immediately I stopped typing the membership info, looked up at him and asked if the boy was going to be okay, and the dad shook his head no. I had noticed his patchy hair and dismissed it as maybe a bad haircut, but it was the chemo. I lost my breath for a moment and called Matthew over to take his picture for his membership and he just gave me the biggest smile for his picture.

As soon as they left, I started to tell Stacie the story and tears started running down my face--to the point I had to leave mid-story to the bathroom because I was so sad. I'll never forget it.
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